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Part of the MVP range, the Airoma® MVP dispenser is an automatic air freshener designed to provide facilities with regular small bursts of fragrance.

The MVP air freshener dispenser provides flexible and easy to use programming options. Airoma® Air Freshener Refills are available, with four distinct ranges; the ‘Classics’, ‘Fruits’, ‘Oriental’ and the ‘Airoma® Therapy & Spa’ fragrance ranges;

Available in White, White and Chrome and Black and Chrome

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Features and Benefits

* Patented features

Available in a variety of finishes

Additional Features

Scents Available

EXOTIC Summer Fruits CITRUS Citrus Mango Latin Passion Citrus Tingle CLASSICS Apple Orchard Herbal Fern Floral Silk Exotic Garden Mystique AIROMA® THERAPY & SPA Babyface Cool

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