1100 L Nappy Skip

For large volume trade and commercial waste

Our 1100L four-wheeled Nappy Skip waste container is designed for the collection of large volume commercial waste and recyclables at street level. Manufactured from High density Polyethylene the bin is available with either a flat hinged lid or a roll top lid. Designed in accordance with EN 840 specifications, the bin is equipped with side lifting trunnions and a comb lift moulding and can be mechanically lifted by either conventional REL bin lifters or trunnion lift equipment. Each bin is equipped with well placed, ergonomically designed handles; foot operated front wheel brakes and solid rubber tyres. A variety of optional extras is available including drop-front doors, lid-locks, fork-lift pockets and recycling apertures. Available in yellow.

Features and Benefits


  • High-quality high-density HDPE
  • Rugged, robust design and construction
  • Compliant with EN 840
  • Lid-in-lid solution
  • Container corresponds to: EN 840, RAL-GZ951/1, Directive 2000/14/EG
  • Travelling gear: Wheel Ø 200 mm, rubber-tired wheels
  • Castors: 4 guide castors, 2 wheel stops or central brake
  • Lid: Flat lid or roll top lid
  • Receiver: Comb lift, DIN trunnions
  • Prepared for transponder:
  • Marking possibility: On the lid, on the body
  • Standard equipment: With 2" drain plug

Extra equipment: Accessories: Glass slot, paper slot, Lock, central braking, foot-operated lid opener, fork-lift pockets and drawbar.





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