Nappy Bin 50 Ltr

Our nappy bin, also manufactured with a discretion flap, is discrete and designed to fit in with the modern washroom.

Available in various colours and two sizes, our medical bins provide a safe and durable solution. Waste is hidden using a discretion flap which also makes it ideal as a nappy bin.
Available in yellow.


Capacity: 50L

Capacity: 70L

Bio Active Sanitising Granules

Advanced technology for optimum odour and pathogen control. Safe storage of soiled medical dressings and clinical waste.

New Neutrawaste automatically activates when exposed to waste material within a storage bin. Its advanced technology penetrates dressings and releases pockets of high energy vapours, deactivating pathogens and destroying offensive odours.??Neutrawaste is designed to chemically react with and reduce the spectrum of offensive odours that occur within the sanitary bin. The compound utilises a number of unique technologies to produce end products that are essentially non toxic and substantially less dangerous than the original odour causing chemicals. This allows for much safer handling of soiled waste and a reduction in release of unwanted gases into the atmosphere when the waste material is finally incinerated or land-filled.





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